Jennifer has been “our midwife” for some time now. Her practical, realistic attitude towards birth has been a perfect fit for our family. The birth of our youngest, Silas, was so relaxed and easy (in spite of the fact that I spent two hours pushing at the end) due to Jennifer’s gentle, hands-off approach.

Some of our younger children were present for the birth of their little brother, even though we hadn’t planned for that, but Jennifer and her assistant took this in their stride and the atmosphere was lovely and as peaceful as it could be! Jennifer is a qualified medical professional with many years of experience and is extremely trustworthy as a care practitioner. She answers any questions you have with care and attention, always with the welfare of mum and baby as her primary consideration.


My third birth we opted for a home birth and we were so grateful to have had Jennifer at our side. She is a calm, well educated, and flexible provider who was always available for any questions we had during my pregnancy as well as post-partum!

My preferences were respected and she made sure I was well informed on all options. I loved having access to a safe homebirth and being in her caring hands.


I had the pleasure of finding Jennifer Williams of Trillium Home Birthing Services for my second birth, my first home birth, in 2019. Jennifer was very easy to work with when it came to prenatal visits, she is a great listener and has a wonderfully calming personality.

My home birth felt wholly mine, she was a steady background presence that stepped in to offer help when she could tell I wanted or needed it, but otherwise let me navigate labor on my terms. The assistant she had with her was also great, she was really reassuring during those first few moments of nursing a new baby, and I’ll never forget that!

Overall I had a great birthing experience and felt full confidence in Jennifer throughout the whole process. I hope to use her services again with any future pregnancies.


Jennifer is such an amazing midwife. We had her deliver our last two babies and were very happy with the experience. She spends time getting to know you and building a relationship with you through prenatal visits before the time of delivery. She is there to help answer any questions that arise throughout the pregnancy and delivery. She made me feel so at ease and helped me to trust in my body and its ability. She has a vast knowledge base and is very experienced which helped put my mind at ease for any uncertainties. I highly recommend Jennifer for anyone who is looking for a special home birth experience.


Choosing to have a midwife and birth at home was a decision made after my third child. I had complications in the hospital that happened because of the doctors and nurses choices and not the actual birth. My fourth was my first home birth and it was amazing. I never turned back!

Out of ten births, Jennifer has been my midwife for my last 6 children. I always learned so much about my own body at the prenatal and any questions I had were answered thoroughly and with care. I never felt like she needed to hurry to the next patient, the care was personal and my family could be involved. She would even answer questions from my little ones. Over those 6 births, we learned how I birth and what made me most comfortable.

Jennifer seemed to know when she needed to calm me and when she needed to push me to work harder during birth. My favorite part after finally having that sweet blessing in my arms was how she would call in all my children and show them the amazing design of the placenta, the tree of life, for this baby. The children were always interested and in awe.

Jennifer has been my midwife but she has also become a friend and now she has become my oldest daughter’s midwife for two of my grand babies. She is knowledgeable, caring, and professional; but also she is like a family member to us now.

I highly recommend her as a midwife and a friend.


Jennifer helped me bring both of my babies into this world. The first was in 2019, and the second was in 2021. I always knew that I wanted a natural, home birth. I wanted my body to have the opportunity to do what it knows how to do without interference and with all the health benefits that go along with natural birth. I wanted a midwife who was experienced and straightforward. Jennifer is exactly that.

I believe she has seen it all when it comes to birth, and I always felt that my babies and I were in good, knowledgeable hands. Jennifer allowed me the space to labor in my own way, but when I was a first time mom, she gave suggestions that were helpful and effective. I’ve had all of my planned babies, but if I were to have another baby I would want Jennifer to be there to deliver!


I’ll admit that when my wife was pregnant with our first and told me she wanted to have a homebirth I was skeptical. My initial reaction was “Why? This isn’t the 1800s. We have hospitals for this sort of thing.” But I agreed to keep an open mind and hear her out.

Together, we did lots of research and discovered that hospitals nowadays are in the business of making money and not necessarily doing what’s best for mom and baby. We discovered that the US has one of the highest maternal mortality rates of any industrialized country. Giving birth has changed from what was once a natural process into a process of scheduled c-sections and inductions. Looking back on the “normal (hospital)” births of my two previous children from another relationship I could relate. In both of those births the water was manually broken, pitocin was given, episiotomies performed and the process was very clinical.

I agreed with my wife that we could meet with a midwife and talk. Jennifer was recommended by a friend of my wife’s and we contacted her and set up a meeting. After the first meeting I was much more relaxed and at ease with the idea of a homebirth. Jennifer is very calm and knowledgeable and has delivered lots of babies. Unlike regular doctor visits which can be rushed, Jennifer takes as much time as you need to explain everything and allow you to ask any questions you might have.

When the time for the birth came Jennifer and her assistant were fantastic. They were calm and patient. My wife did a fantastic job and amazed me with her strength and focus. Before we knew it we had a perfectly healthy little girl. The whole process was a night and day experience for me from a hospital birth. It was such a much more intimate experience that when we found out we were going to have another baby in 2020 we didn’t hesitate to contact Jennifer again. The homebirth of our second child I am certain would have faced a different outcome had it been in a hospital. Jennifer had us try many different birthing positions and eventually our son was born “sunny side up”. Afterwards Jennifer explained sometimes when babies are born in this position they can get temporarily stuck in the pelvis.

Her knowledge of natural births helped us stay calm. If you are thinking about a homebirth I highly recommend Jennifer!